The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about health and health care for people in the UK.

Our aim is a healthier population, supported by high quality health care that can be equitably accessed. From giving grants to those working at the front line to carrying out research and policy analysis, we shine a light on how to make successful change happen. We use what we know works on the ground to inform effective policymaking and vice versa.

We believe good health and health care are key to a flourishing society. Through sharing what we learn, collaborating with others and building people’s skills and knowledge, we aim to make a difference and contribute to a healthier population.

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The Empathy Museum

The Empathy Museum is an experiential arts space dedicated to helping us all look at the world through other people’s eyes. Using the power of dialogue and storytelling it explores how to view life from the perspective of other people in order to transform personal relationships, help tackle global challenges and open up the public conversation around empathy.

We tour our first project A Mile in My Shoes both in the UK and internationally, adding to our diverse collection of shoes and stories as we go.

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About A Mile in My Shoes – health and social care

Empathy is often neatly summed up as ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’. It’s something people working in health and social care services need to be able to do with the people in their care – thinking about a person’s situation, understanding their perspective and providing care that meets their needs. But how often do we empathise with the people providing health and social care?

In 2016, the Health Foundation teamed up with the Empathy Museum to develop a collection of stories from people working in, and using, health and social care in the UK. With each story that was shared, the individual donated a pair of their own shoes to be included in the A Mile in My Shoes collection.

An interactive shoe shop, A Mile in My Shoes, invites you to step into someone else’s shoes and embark on a mile-long physical, emotional and imaginative journey to see the world through their eyes. This collection of stories showcases the remarkable contribution and challenges faced by those working in, and using, our health and social care system.

Re-imagined for digital audiences, you can now share in this immersive experience online.



Where did the idea come from?

How did we collect the stories?

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